Fear of God Brand History: Creative Passion Turned A-List Brand

Jerry Lorenzo


Fear of God, a brand known for redefining modern luxury streetwear, has revolutionised fashion with its unique blend of high fashion aesthetics and street-style comfort. But who’s behind the brand’s ingenious approach to aesthetics-meets-versatility? In the following article, we’re going to take a deep-dive into Fear of God’s history, exploring the brand’s origins, foundings, and how it managed to build a cult celebrity following in less than a decade. Let’s take a look!

Who is Fear of God?

Born amidst the rising tide of streetwear, Fear of God, founded in 2013, reimagined the boundaries between high fashion and casual street style. The Los Angeles-based brand, under the visionary leadership of Jerry Lorenzo, masterfully merged elements of grunge, hip hop, and sportswear into collections that resonated deeply with a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

Fear of God's offerings straddle the line between luxury and functionality, delivering minimalistic designs laden with intricate detailing. The signature Fear of God aesthetic is characterised by monochromatic and earth tone palettes, oversized silhouettes, and a distinct approach to layering. It’s also important to note that the brand’s combinations of textures and materials have paved the way for a new definition of comfort and sophistication in the streetwear realm, and have inspired other urban streetwear brands including Kanye West’s famous Yeezy line.

About Jerry Lorenzo: Founder of Fear of God

The son of a Major League Baseball player and manager, Jerry Lorenzo is the creative genius behind Fear of God, and his complex and interesting upbringing has no doubt greatly influenced his venture into fashion. While Lorenzo initially followed his father’s footsteps and embarked on a career in sports management, it wouldn’t take long for the now-mogul to find his true calling.

Motivated by a desire for creative expression, Lorenzo risked his life savings of $14,000 to pursue his dream of opening a fashion label, harnessing his understanding of culture, sport, and music to craft a brand that redefined streetwear. 

Lorenzo's unique approach to design—eschewing trends and focusing on timeless pieces—mirrors his personal style, where comfort is as crucial as visual appeal. His dedication to detail, quality, and innovation has cemented Fear of God's position in the global fashion industry, and created something of a cult following both in the US and the UK.

Fear of God Cult Pieces

So, what makes Fear of God a cult brand? The fashion house boasts several standout pieces that have not only defined the brand's aesthetic, but also influenced the broader streetwear scene both in the US and elsewhere. 

The brand’s Essentials range also offers the label’s premium quality at a more affordable price; the Fear of God Essentials tracksuit is one of their most popular pieces from this range, blending functionality and luxury without the luxury price tag. The Essentials tracksuit, often seen gracing the likes of A-list celebrities and fashion influencers, also encapsulates Fear of God's philosophy: its distinctive minimalist design, comfortable fit, and high-quality materials symbolise the brand's commitment to merging luxury and streetwear. Available in an array of muted earth tones, the Fear of God tracksuit provides a versatile base for layering or stands strong as a statement piece on its own. 

Other notable pieces from the brand include their oversized hoodies, denim jackets, and the heavily sought-after military trainers. Each of these items encapsulates Fear of God's emphasis on timeless design, attention to detail, and the blending of comfort and high fashion.

Founding a modern luxury brand

Despite connections in the music and entertainment industry, founding a successful luxury streetwear brand didn’t happen overnight for Lorenzo, and the designer encountered numerous obstacles that could have - had he lacked the necessary determination and vision - sunk his brand and his fashion aspirations permanently. 

One notable example is his move to LA; in attempting to kickstart a manufacturing process, recently-married Lorenzo moved with his family to LA, one of the most popular manufacturing sites in the US. As a young and inexperienced designer, he found himself easily taken advantage of, and wound up losing tens of thousands of dollars in bust deals for fabrics and patterns. Despite these setbacks, Lorenzo persisted, and while he began working on ideas as early as 2011, the brand’s first official launch finally occured in 2013. 

Inspired by Lorenzo's personal style, childhood memories, and cultural influences, Fear of God challenged the status quo with its amalgamation of luxury and streetwear; Lorenzo's aim was to create clothes that were both functional and high-fashion, disrupting the fashion industry's preconceived notions about streetwear. The brand quickly grew from a small-scale operation to an internationally recognised label, signifying a pivotal moment in the history of Fear of God.

Cult following

Fear of God's rise to fame has been cemented by its ardent cult following, comprised of celebrities, athletes, and fashion-forward individuals alike. Notable figures such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted donning the brand's pieces, further amplifying its global visibility and demand. Even Gucci’s Michele Alessandro is a known fan of the brand!

While A-list support has helped the small brand turn into a cult label, the brand's universal appeal extends beyond the realms of entertainment and sport, resonating with a diverse and modern audience looking for an aesthetic fusion of high fashion, comfort and street-style. The celebrity endorsements and collaborations, such as with Ermenegildo Zegna and Adidas, have also broadened Fear of God's reach, establishing it as a mainstay in luxury streetwear, and you can now see Fear of God worn on high streets across the UK, US and Europe.