Fear of God Essentials Hoodies

Jerry Lorenzo launched the Fear of God Essentials hoodies and sweatpants back in 2018 with the goal of making premium fashion more accessible and affordable without compromising on the quality and craftsmanship that FOG is renowned for. Since then, the Fear of God Essentials line and their hoodies in particular have gained significant popularity and a dedicated following ranging from top-of-the-line celebrities and influencers to normal-day people.

Exclusive Fear of God Hoodie Essentials Collection

Since 2018, Fear of God has dropped several hoodie collections and despite Lorenzo's initial promise to make the hoodies more accessible and available, that's hardly the case as the brand has soared in popularity.

At Hype Locker UK, we have most FOG Essentials hoodie designs in a variety of colours and sizes. So, whether you're looking for the best sellers or more limited-edition hoodie designs, browse through this page and see what we have available. And remember, once they're gone from our website, they're gone and we can't promise that we'll have them in stock in the future.

Wide Colour Selection for FOG Hoodies

Fear of God Essentials hoodies come in a range of colours that can fit in perfectly with your existing wardrobe. Some of the colours we currently have listed on the Hype Locker UK website include:

Black FOG Hoodies

Black Fear of God hoodies are a staple choice for many for a number of reasons. Black hoodies can be worn in casual and formal settings, they aren’t prone to dirt and stains, and they are easy to style and can effortlessly blend with different colour palettes.

What's more, is that this colour Fear of God hoodie doesn't require as much upkeep as other lighter colours. And while you still need to follow the washing instructions, getting your Essentials FOG hoodie dirty won't damage your look anywhere near as much as if you wore a hoodie in grey or white.

Dark Heather Oatmeal FOG Hoodies

Dark Heather Oatmeal FOG hoodies are a classic choice for people who don't want to go too dark or too light on the colours. In other words, it's the perfect middle that can be paired up with almost every colour and be integrated into almost every wardrobe. Whether you are dressing for a casual occasion or want to add a touch of class to your outfit, you can't go wrong with getting a FOG hoodie in the Dark Heather Oatmeal colour.

Light Heather Oatmeal  FOG Hoodies

Light Heather Oatmeal hoodies by Fear of God are preferred by fashion enthusiasts who want to exude a fresh, clean, and minimalistic look that is different but not in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd. Aside from that, hoodies in this colourway are pretty versatile and can go with a range of other colours. Please note that Light Heather Oatmeal hoodies (and any light-coloured clothing for that matter) require a little bit more attention as they can easily be stained and ruined.

Sand FOG Hoodies

Over the last several years, sand FOG hoodies have soared in popularity due to their warm and earthy tone that can be integrated as part of almost everyone's existing wardrobe. If you're looking for a hoodie that provides a relaxed and effortless vibe for casual wear, you can't go wrong with the sand colour - whether you're a man or a woman.

Coral FOG Hoodies

If you're trying to achieve a more vibrant and eye-catching look, one particular colour you should consider is coral, which is a fine blend between pink and orange. This hue can add a bold and playful element to your outfit while instantly uplifting your style and helping you make a statement. It's a great choice if you want to add some energy and colour to your wardrobe.

Key Features of FOG Essentials Hoodies 

Oversized Fit

Fear of God hoodies are renowned for their oversized fit. Some would go as far as saying that the oversized fit is a signature characteristic of the brand and one of the primary reasons why fashion enthusiasts have fallen in love with these hoodies. The roomy design allows for a comfortable fit and a stylish, slouchy look regardless of your build or the layers you're wearing beneath.

Premium Fabrics

Fear of God handpicks the materials and the blend of fabrics that go into the making of their hoodies. Most commonly, they rely on heavyweight cotton or fleece blends, which ensure durability, comfort, and warmth during the winter. What makes them unique is that the fabrics they use are highly breathable, allowing you to wear the hoodie even during the summer without breaking a sweat.

Distinctive Design Elements

Hoodies designed by Fear of God feature distinct elements that contribute to their widely recognisable style and look. Some of the unique design elements include ribbed cuffs and hems, kangaroo pockets, dropped shoulders, and elongated sleeves. Thanks to these minor tweaks in design, FOG ensures that their hoodies are unique, recognisable, and provide that oversized feel that shoppers buy them for.

Why Choose Hype Locker UK?

We're 100% against the sale of replica products. As a result, each and every Fear of God Essentials hoodie listed on our website is thoroughly checked and is guaranteed to be 100% authentic, brand new, and in unused condition. That way, when you receive your order, you can try your Essentials hoodie for the very first time.

At Hype Locker UK, we completely understand that you may be worried about shopping for authentic FOG hoodies over the internet. So, if you have any questions that you'd like an answer to, please e-mail us. And if you need some extra reassurance that the products we have listed on our site are genuine, check our Trustpilot page to see what our existing customers have to say.