Designed by Kanye West and manufactured by Adidas, the Yeezy Foam Runners first hit the market in 2020. And despite their unique design, they were a winner amongst fans right off the bat. Since then, the Yeezy Foam Runners have become some of the most sought-after shoes on the market, often selling within minutes of release, causing the Yeezy Foam Runner price amongst resellers to skyrocket.

A Vast Collection of Unique Designs

The debut colorway for the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner back in 2020 was known as the "Ararat." Since then, Adidas and Kanye West have released over a dozen different designs and colourways that fans can choose from and wear as part of their daily outfit.
Over the years, Yeezy has released some standard designs and colourways such as the Sand, Onyx, and Stone Sage, which later became best sellers. That said, Yeezy wouldn't be Yeezy without a touch of Kanye West. The musical artist later designed and released the Yeezy Foam Runners in some extravagant and edgy designs, such as the Vermillion (red), Sulfur, and Moon Grey.

Popular Colours for the Yeezy Foam Runner


The Vermillion Foam Runners feature a bright, blood-like design throughout, so if you want to look edgy or stand out from all other Yeezy Foam Runner wearers, this one is definitely for you. It's certainly unique and quite difficult to dress around, but if you dare to look edgy, by all means, this is the design for you.


The Sand Yeezy Foam Runners are a classic for those who prefer to wear lighter colours. This type of Yeezy Foam Runner is timeless and can be paired up with almost any outfit, be it casual or more on the formal side.
If you find the sand slightly boring, on this page, you'll also find the Sand Grey, which is definitely more unique. The Sand Grey Foam Runners feature swirls of beige, dark brown, and grey throughout, giving it that camouflage appearance.


The Onyx Yeezy Foam Runner features a charcoal or dark gray hue, giving you the ability to create the perfect monochromatic outfit by pairing it with other shades of gray or black.

And if you want your outfit to be edgier and catch some eyes in public, the Onyx Yeezy Foam Runner can also complement more vibrant colours like red or blue to create a striking contrast.

Though you'll still need to take care of them, since the Onyx colour hue is dark in nature, your Yeezy's will require less maintenance and upkeep to look like new. This is especially true when compared to other lighter colours such as Sand.

Moon Grey

The Moon Grey Yeezy Foam Runners feature a colourway that resembles (as you could probably tell), the surface of the moon. Near the front, the design is grey while near the rear of the shoe, the design is predominantly sand-coloured with touches of grey.

Despite the unique blend of the two colours, the Moon Grey foam runners have a rather clean appearance, which can easily be integrated into almost any wardrobe.


The Sulfur Yeezy Foam Runners feature a yellow/beige-like hue throughout the entire shoe. They are rarely the top choice in the sneaker world due to their edgy aesthetic, but if you think you can style them and make them part of your wardrobe, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.


To create the renowned Yeezy Foam Runner by Kanye West, EVA foam (ethylene-vinyl acetate) and environmentally-friendly algae foam are mixed together and moulded into the product we see today.

EVA is a lightweight and flexible foam, which is known for its durability, cushioning, and water-resistant properties. Algae foam on the other hand offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to materials containing petroleum for the creation of the shoe.

Features of the Yeezy Foam Runner

The Yeezy Foam Runners have features that millions of Adidas & Kanye West fans have fallen in love with over the years. Some of the shoe's most prominent features include:

The Slip-On Design

Unlike 99% of shoe designs, the Yeezy Foam Runners don't have shoelaces or any other moving parts. They are designed in a way so that you can easily slip them on and off without damaging the shoe or making it lose its original shape.

Sculpted Construction

Each Yeezy Foam Runner features cutouts and perforations throughout the shoe (except the soles of course). These cutouts not only look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and give the shoe a personality, but they also allow your feet to breathe, making the shoes suitable for wearing even during the hot summer months.

Unique Aesthetic

There's no doubt that the Yeeze Foam Runners are very distinctive and unconventional in terms of design. Some fans even go as far as describing them as futuristic. Their organic and minimalistic appearance sets them apart from any traditional sneaker design on the market to date.


Despite its unique design and the many colourways this type of shoe comes in, the Yeezy Foam Runners are constructed in such a way that they can easily provide a cushioned feel and a comfortable fit regardless of the shape of your foot. This is because, over time, the shoe will mould into the shape of your foot, offering you a more personalised fit.

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