Trapstar Jackets & Coats

Founded by Mikey Trapstar, Trapstar is a renowned street fashion brand based in London. Over the years, the brand has carved its own distinctive path by releasing comfortable, functional, unique, and high-quality jackets and coats, amongst other pieces of clothing that millions of men and women have fallen in love with.

Types of Trapstar Jackets & Coats

There are a variety of different Trapstar coats and jackets for women and men, including:
Bomber jackets
Denim jackets
Trench coats
Leather jackets
Puffer jackets
    Please note that depending on when you're browsing through this page, you may find all or some of the types of jackets and coats we listed above. This is because Trapstar's jacket and coat collection is in extremely high demand, and some pieces may be sold out.

    Trapstar Jackets for Men

    Over the years, Trapstar have released dozens of jackets and coats particularly targeting their male audience. They vary in colour, design, and materials. That way, they could suit everyone's desired look and functional needs. When you browse through this page, you'll see a range of different models and colours (all of which come in different sizes). Please note that although Trapstar jackets are split by gender, their design is very neutral and unisex, making them a suitable choice regardless of your gender.

    Trapstar Jackets for Women

    Although Trapstar jackets are mostly worn by men, the London-based brand has made sure to release a handful of jackets for their female following too. What's more is that Trapstar has fully embraced the concept of designing and manufacturing unisex and gender-neutral clothing, meaning that if you are a woman that likes a particular jacket from Trapstar, it would be totally normal to wear it even if it's intended for men.

    Colour Selection for Trapstar Jackets & Coats

    Black Trapstar Jackets & Coats

    Black Trapstar jackets and coats are a classic choice for many. They are elegant, timeless, very easy to pair with almost any outfit, and a suitable choice for any occasion. What's more, is that the black Trapstar coats require significantly less maintenance than lighter coloured Trapstar coats, which makes them perfect for anyone that wants a statement piece without the regular maintenance that they require. Black Trapstar jackets are also best-sellers amongst women and men so that alone goes to show how trendy and popular they are.

    Grey Trapstar Jackets & Coats

    If you're into Trapstar, a grey jacket from the brand is a must-have. This colour can seamlessly combine versatility and style, allowing you to wear it with confidence regardless of the occasion. It's simple, sleek, and elegant, and can be paired with almost any outfit.

    Blue Trapstar Jackets & Coats

    Blue Trapstar jackets allow you to be bold, confident, and vibrant. The blue hue radiates a sense of energy that can instantly elevate your look to new heights. Whether you're after a royal blue or an ice blue jacket, Trapstar offers a variety of shades of blue that can suit your unique style and sense of fashion. If you want to turn heads and showcase your unique sense of style and fashion, this colour Trapstar jacket will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

    Cream Trapstar Jackets & Coats

    The Cream hue is light, elegant, and evokes a sense of timeless luxury. It’s the perfect middle ground for those who don’t want to go too dark or too light on the colour of their jacket. Not only that, but this colour jacket can also be paired with a range of outfits, regardless of the occasion. Please note that as this Trapstar jacket is lighter in colour, it does require slightly more maintenance to preserve its original look.

    Material Used to Make Trapstar Jackets & Coats

    Trapstar uses a variety of high-quality materials to manufacture each and every coat and jacket that hits the market. The blend of materials used for each coat and jacket can vary depending on its model and design.
    For example, leather jackets will mostly consist of cotton and leather while windbreakers will consist mostly of nylon and polyester. With that said, there are a handful of core materials the brand uses to ensure the highest-quality product. These include:
    Faux Fur

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