How to Wash Essentials Hoodie: Common Problems and Solutions

When it comes to picking the right hoodie, it’s hard to beat the ultra-comfort of an Essentials hoodie; made with sustainable materials and known for its iconic oversize style, an Essentials Fear of God hoodie is the perfect way to blend fashionable streetwear with winter-ready comfort.

But if you’ve invested in an Essentials hoodie, you’re going to want to ensure it remains in good condition, and this includes washing. But can you wash an Essentials hoodie, and what’s the best cleaning method to ensure the hoodie maintains its oversize shape? Let’s take a look at some Essentials hoodie washing instructions.

Can You Wash Essentials Hoodie? Potential Problems

First of all - can you wash an Essentials hoodie? The answer is yes - while you’re going to want to make sure to wash it carefully and employ careful drying methods to preserve the fabric and shape, it’s actually important for you to wash your hoodie regularly, especially if you wear it on a regular basis. That said, you’re going to want to be aware of some common problems and concerns:

The Oversize Shape

Firstly, Essentials hoodies are known for their signature oversized look, and it’s no news to anyone that frequent washing can potentially alter oversized garments over time - this can occur if the hoodie is exposed to prolonged heat; this can cause the fabric to contract, potentially shrinking the piece over time. Conversely, vigorous washing styles can end up damaging fibres like cotton and jersey, causing stretch - and while original essential FOG hoodies are known for being oversized, damaging the fabric might interfere with how the hoodie falls on the body, and can end up looking poorly-sized rather than stylishly oversized when worn.


As we mentioned briefly above, heat is also a major factor to take into consideration when washing an Essentials hoodie; this isn’t just about the temperature of the washing cycle, but also about drying and even storing your hoodie to preserve its shape and the feel of the fabric.

Overloading the Machine

Thirdly, while it’s normal to want to get your washing done all at the same time, it’s not a good idea for your Essentials hoodie - nor your oversized clothing in general! Cramming oversized clothes into a tightly-packed machine can lead to fabrics shrinking, especially if you’re using a regular spin cycle instead of a gentle one.

How to Wash Fear of God Essentials hoodie

man standing wearing essentials hoodie

So, how do you wash an Essentials hoodie safely and carefully? Here’s what to do:

Wash it Alone

As we mentioned above, overloading the washing machine is never a good idea when washing oversized clothes. For this reason, we’d advise that you wash your hoodie alone - but if this isn’t possible, keep the other items in the wash small and non-obstructive (for example, simple t-shirts instead of large chunky jumpers or other hoodies).

Choose Gentle Detergent

Unlike regular clothes, oversize clothing pieces - especially hoodies - are much less resistant to harsher cleaning detergents, and these cleaners can end up damaging the fabrics of your Essentials piece. Instead, choose a gentle detergent without any stain removing agents - if you need to remove stains, spot-treat them separately beforehand. You also shouldn’t use fabric softener, which can damage the absorbency of the hoodie.

Select a Gentle Cycle

Next, put your hoodie on a gentle wash (or the hand wash setting, if your machine has one). Let it run its cycle, but don’t let it tumble-dry afterwards.

Air Dry

Once your wash cycle is complete, take the hoodie out of the machine and let it air dry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Don’t be tempted to let it air-dry for 80% of the time and then throw it in the tumble-dryer to finish it off; it’s much better to leave it overnight (or longer, if necessary) to let it fully air dry and maintain its stylish, oversize look.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hoodie?

When it comes to washing your hoodie - whether it be an Essentials hoodie or otherwise - you’ll want to think about how and where you're wearing it. If you're mostly wearing it indoors or in relatively clean environments, you don't need to wash it too often, as it's not going to pick up much dirt or odours just hanging out at home or in the office. On the other hand, if you're wearing your hoodie for workouts, hikes, or in situations where it's likely to get stained, then you'll want to wash it more frequently.

You’ll also want to consider what your hoodie is made of; materials like cotton can handle regular washing, but if your hoodie is wool or a delicate synthetic, you should be a bit more careful, and washing too often can wear it out faster, causing it to lose shape or fade. To keep it simple, give your hoodie a wash when it starts looking dingy or smelling a bit off, so you can keep it fresh without wearing it down too quickly.